| Demo (1997)
| All Alone (1997)
| Lake Of Sorrow (1998)
| Perpetual Desolation (2000)
| Perpetual Desolation Live (2001)

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This is the FAN WEBSITE of THE SINS OF THY BELOVED. This used to be the (http://www.desolation.be/tsotb/), ran by Pieter. He has chosen to discontinue the website, and thus it was passed unto me.

The Sins Of Thy Beloved is a Norwegian band mostly classified as gothic metal.
Themes in the songs are often love, death, loneliness and sorrow.
The band consists of no less than seven very talented musicians with differing musical background.
Although not being the most well-known (or commercial) band in their genre, their influence in the gothic metal scene, from the shift of the millenium up to today, is undeniable.

Since about the end of 2003, the Sins have gone into some kind of prolonged hibernation. Their official website hadn’t been updated for a long time, and was even removed later.
Information has been very scarce ever since. There is evidence, however, that fans should not give up hoping! While the number of musicians has proven to be an advantage for the quality of their music, being many is a grave disadvantage when it comes to productivity.

In September 2011, Pete in his Facebook, talked about a possible reunion tour to China, but lately said it was cancelled. Let’s just keep hoping~

This site has in first instance been built just as a fan site dedicated to the Sins, and is meant to contain as much and accurate information about this wonderful band as possible.
Suggestions for improvement of the site are of course always welcome.